Do you dream of employees who can manage and resolve conflict?
Do you crave leaders who respect diversity?
Do you need salespeople who are always well prepared and able to adapt to their customers?
Do you want to better communicate with people?

You will achieve all this more easily by using the DISC® method. DISC® is a tool for knowing and understanding our behavior and the behavior of other people, and at the same time a tool to shape and understand different types of communication.

DISC® tool to understand behavior

We used to divide people into the following personality types: sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and melancholic. Today we call them blue, red, green and yellow behavioral types. Each color signalizes a specific behavior which (if we recognize it and adapt to it) helps us to achieve successful communication.

The DISC® method helps us to become aware of our behavior and the behavior of others. It teaches us how to adapt to different situations, be better understood and improve our relationships.

​Qualities of interpersonal relationships:

  • Interpersonal relationships are one of the most important factors of successful cooperation.
  • They are based on effective communication.
  • Good communication requires us to adapt our behavior to be better understood.
  • When we make ourselves better understood, we are more genuine (we do not pretend), which makes us more capable of making agreements.

DISC® resolves misunderstandings and prevents potential conflicts and creates better and more productive atmospheres in the company and working with customers.

DISC® allows us to recognize the qualities of ourselves and the person we are speaking with – by revealing two images of both:

  1. EXTERNAL IMPRESSION: image or impression a person displays on the outside in a specific situation.
  2. INTERNAL SELF: image in the same situation which shows the person’s “internal self” or internal source of that person’s energy.

Comparison of both images reveals the factor of stress.

The DISC® method has its roots in the times of Hippocrates. In its modern form it is used by more than 1,000,000 people each year and has more than 60,000,000 users.

When to use the DISC® method?

The DISC® method can be used in personal development, employment, management, coaching, team building, conflict management, sales training programs, call center operations. It helps us to plan for success, increase productivity, improve team cohesion and communication and increase employee retention.

How can we participate?

Group testing and DISC® workshop

  • presentation of the DISC® fundamentals,
  • review of the entire behavioral circle,
  • recognizing the four dimensions of personality,
  • qualities of different behavioral types:
    • how we view ourselves,
    • how others see us,
    • who do we need,
    • our limitations,
    • suggestions to increase effectiveness;
  • personality DISC® analysis of all participants,
  • interpretation of the DISC® analysis:
    • external impression (what impression do you give?),
    • internal source of energy (what is your potential?),
    • behavior in a certain situation/environment,
    • common-sense judgment,
    • basic stress calculation.
  • team image on a four-dimension chart,
  • sources of motivation,
  • practical exercises.
The workshop takes place from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. with lunch and coffee breaks. The workshop is performed at an agreed location which is comfortable, stimulating and without disturbing elements. The DISC® workshop can be part of a larger training program for your employees.

Individual testing and counseling

  • Complete the DISC® test.
  • 90-minute counseling session where we explain the test results.
  • We explain the test results in a practical manner with examples from your life and counsel you on how to improve your communication style.

Are you interested in the DISC® method?

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About the lecturer:

The training program is performed by Dušan Rusić, a licensed lecturer for SDI and DISC behavioral methods and ICF coach at the Aetas company. Dušan performs trainings programs and workshops and manages a team of sales representatives throughout their daily work at the Aetas company. He guides them as mentor and coach, helping each individual in their professional and personal growth. With more than 5,600 double visits and 15 years of work on the field, his lectures are teeming with practical examples.

Dušan Rusić is a licensed lecturer for the DISC® method in Slovenia.

»The whole training program was great. What I found the most useful was how communication changes with each color.«

»All parts were useful. Questionnaire – very useful – better understanding of myself – opportunity to grow.«

»The advice on how and why to change our behavior to be better understood was very useful.«

Participants of the Pliva training program

More information
+386 51 652 344

​»All parts were useful, especially how to recognize specific colors, how to communicate with an individual color and how to present our arguments.«

​»I liked that we discussed practical examples and exchanged experiences how to communicate with doctors of a specific color, how to build a relationship, how to deliver our presentation and provide conclusions.«

Participants of the collective training program