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Do you need a coach?
In Slovenia, understanding coaching is still at an early stage, so let us first say what a coach and coaching ARE NOT. A coach is not a mentor, an advisor or a trainer.

The main feature of a coach is that they DO NOT have the answers. A coach does not ask why but where, what and how.

A coach operates from the premise that the client has all the resources they need – including the ability to discover these resources within themselves and use them.

A coach elevates the client from the condition in which “they are” into the condition “where they want to be”. A coach does not focus on the past but on the future.

Coaching is performed individually, it is focused on the client. Coaching is oriented towards results (goals) and deals with visions and actions.

So, what is COACHING?

Coaching is the process of communication with the coach, in which through the coach’s questions you will discover YOUR OWN PATH towards achieving your goals and overcoming challenges.
For example: a coach is a sales manager with years of experience, their “client” is one of the salespersons who is unable to resolve a certain situation. It is wrong to believe that coaching is a process where the sales manager uses questions to lead their colleague to the “right” answer, which the sales manager, due to their years of experience with similar issues, already have in their mind.

Unfortunately, this is not coaching. Many “coaches” later complain that people do not follow this path and next week already forget the “solution”. Of course – they taught them how to find the coach’s solution instead of letting clients choose their own solution, which they will undoubtedly keep using.

A coach DOES NOT have the “right” answers, but rather a coach helps the client to find their own adequate path towards the answer.

A coach does not catch fish for you, nor do they teach you how to fish. If your goal is to eat, a coach will help you find the answer on how to get food – maybe not by fishing at all. You will choose the path which suits you most and provides food for you long term.

What you will gain during the coaching process will depend on how much you will be able to consciously invest into the process and how you will use what the process gives you. If you are curious and want to know more about yourself, you will benefit from the process immensely.

Why hire a coach?

A coach can help individuals and organizations

  • to faster development,
  • to personal growth and personal development,
  • to achieve better results,
  • to reach the set goals,
  • to develop the uniqueness of individuals and organizations, which provides a priceless commercial advantage.

The coaching package includes

  • introductory meeting: we set the goals the clients wishes to reach (the meeting is live*, duration 90-120 minutes),
  • nine 30-minutes discussions with the coach: over phone, Skype or as agreed,
  • concluding discussion with the coach: over phone, Skype or as agreed (duration 45 minutes).

*The method of work and meetings is tailored to individual needs of the client.

Are you interested in coaching?

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About the lecturer:

The training program is performed by Dušan Rusić, a licensed lecturer for SDI and DISC behavioral methods and ICF coach at the Aetas company. Dušan performs trainings programs and workshops and manages a team of sales representatives throughout their daily work at the Aetas company. He guides them as mentor and coach, helping each individual in their professional and personal growth. With more than 5,600 double visits and 15 years of work on the field, his lectures are teeming with practical examples.

ICF International Coach Federation
Dušan Rusić is a licensed lecturer for coaching with a certificate from the ICF International Federation.

»Working with a coach gave me more confidence, as I discovered that I already have all the solutions for the challenges I was facing. I was surprised that Dušan did not provide different possible solutions, but rather allowed me to search for my own. It was exactly this approach that built my confidence. Through regular meetings he also helped me to reach my goals.«


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