Become a Greater Marketer

For Who

Our trainings are organized especially for the sales team and marketing staff.
Sales techniques, creating stories, meeting the patient’s needs – these are the topics of our lectures that are primarily intended for professionals. On the basis of more than 40,000 visits to the professional public, there’s hardly a question unanswered.

We carry out trainings on managing brands, merchandising (especially appropriate for the OTC area), communication with end users and other marketing techniques.

For business leaders we offer consultancy on work organization, hiring (the right person at the right place), and employee management.


If you expect your business to grow, you’ll have to become an effective marketer, advertiser, and promoter of your business. We carry out creative and innovative forms of training, based on practical work adapted to each client individually. We will help you to attract and retain new customers.

At What Time

  • At least once a year! Our trainings, especially practical, could be the driver of your business and employee motivation.
  • When some employees need to be nudged out of the “comfort zone”.
  • When the relations between colleagues oscillate in any direction that isn’t good for business.
  • When you are stuck with the “there is nothing we can do” idea, but your competition proves you wrong.

Our Approach

We explain to the employees that they are an important part of the living process of marketing, which is constantly changing.

Your sales and marketing team will learn all the stages of acquiring new customers, following the AIDA formula – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action!

»We chose Aetas d.o.o. and their training programmes because their employees have experience working in pharmaceutical companies. This allows them to provide first-hand experience to sales representatives because they are familiar with their work and what sort of challenges they meet on the market. Their training programmes are very concrete and practical. So far we have had very bad experiences with large companies that provide training programmes in theory but possess no practical knowledge. Another huge benefit of Aetas d.o.o. is that they connect trainings programmes with marketing orientations.«

Barbara Kaše, MBS
Marketing Manager Adriatic Region
Paul Hartmann Adriatic d.o.o.

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