We chose Aetas d.o.o. and their training programmes because their employees have experience working in pharmaceutical companies. This allows them to provide first-hand experience to sales representatives because they are familiar with their work and what sort of challenges they meet on the market. Their training programmes are very concrete and practical. So far we have had very bad experiences with large companies that provide training programmes in theory but possess no practical knowledge. Another huge benefit of Aetas d.o.o. is that they connect trainings programmes with marketing orientations.
Barbara Kaše, MBS

Marketing Manager Adriatic Region, Paul Hartmann Adriatic d.o.o.

We have been cooperating with the Aetas company for many years. Our primary area of cooperation is providing information to the professional public. We particularly appreciate that their services adhere to high ethical standards and are properly managed. The reports are appropriately coordinated with the client. In the last years Aetas expanded the list of services they provide, and we increasingly use digital communication projects to communicate with the professional and general public. We are especially proud of the Facebook ad campaign Sos-klop, which is thoroughly coordinated with the Pfizer company. Monthly reports, and daily reports when needed, are always delivered on time and in appropriate form. The aforementioned campaign reaches 30,000 to 60,000 users each day and we consider it to be one of the most important marketing campaigns in 2017.
Kristian Ljubič, Mpharm

Vaccines Lead Adriatic & Bulgaria, Pfizer, Branch Office Ljubljana

Due to the increased amount of work and increasingly difficult conditions in the field of medicine marketing, in 2014 we connected with the AETAS d.o.o. Company. Our three-year cooperation related to the field work of professional co-workers has been extremely positive. The response from the field and the achieved results reveal high professional ability of AETAS d.o.o. workers: they are able to communicate with competence, have good knowledge of medicine marketing, and clearly love their work.

We look forward to such successful cooperation in the years to come!

Daša Gantar

Managing Director, PHARMAGAN d.o.o.

As soon as we decided to expand our fieldwork team, we started looking for a business partner who would offer us the best possible solution. On the basis of a client’s recommendation, who had excellent experience with Aetas workers, we decided to contact them. It turned out we had knocked on the right door. Even though we were facing a difficult decision which company to choose, we had a ‘gut feeling’ that their team is the right one. Within the six months of project duration, Aetas workers assisted us in reaching all the established goals and even surpass them. This is the reason we can say that the company’s team is an effective, experienced, and reliable partner with quick reactions backed by forethought. We look forward to new opportunities for our cooperation.
Katja Pintar Stepanović

Key Account Manager LifeScan Johnson & Johnson, Medis M

Although experienced, professional and serious – even looking a bit reserved on briefs and presentations – they have a young company spirit, inspiring openness and honesty. AETAS is genuinely entrepreneurial and playful, which is a key creativeness prerequisite. I have been enjoying working with them effectively and profitably.

The last client expected the sample of 50% out of the total available Slovenian neurologists population. The field was launched during the holiday season, so I expected that some 30% can be achieved with no quality loss. They managed to interview 70% of the total population with good quality interviews.

Žarko Bajić

Managing Director, Biometrika Healthcare Research

For many years, The AETAS Company has been providing us with effective professional services delivering business information to medical workers. We have developed a true partnership with the team we cooperate with. The AETAS representatives are decorated by high motivation, dedication to the client, and the desire to achieve collective success. With the AETAS team we are achieving the pre-established marketing and sales results for the 4th year in a row, and we are looking forward to our excellent cooperation in the future. I thank the entire team for their efforts and professional support.
Aleš Torkar

Sales Manager for the Alpe Adria region, Bayer Consumer Health

We are cooperating with Aetas d.o.o. in the field of marketing business-counselling services for the third year because working with such a professional and reliable partner is a true pleasure. Besides field work, we also connected performing research work involving family medicine physicians, which they also executed very professionally. I definitely look forward to work with them in the future.
Urša Jelnikar

National Sales Manager, Abbott Laboratories d.o.o.

The training organized by Aetas d.o.o. is based on practical experiences derived from their own fieldwork. The theoretical part was enriched by conversations and ideas on how to deal with everyday challenges.

Aetas d.o.o. have displayed remarkable adaptability in preparing a training programme in line with our company’s standards, policies, and manner of operation. In spite of the intense programme, the atmosphere was relaxed, which contributed to more effective work during the training and a more successful implementation of the acquired knowledge into everyday work.

We found the training programme valuable and enjoyable.

Matej Rukavina

Sales Force Manager, Pliva Ljubljana d.o.o.

Organization of the press conference and media support in the project Clean Hands Save Lives:
Aetas was excellent and we are very pleased with the result.
Jurij Pivka

Adria Cluster Manager, Healthcare Division, ECOLAB d.o.o., Maribor